Business Handshake

Downhome Custom's Consignment utilizes our beautiful upscale showroom to display and sell current and timeless style home furnishings & home accessories – all with your convenience in mind. Our inventory comes from talented craftsmen throughout the Chicagoland area. We maintain consignor agreements for 90 days resulting in a constant turnover of quality goods promoting high, repeat shopper traffic.

How am I paid?

We are partners with you on a 70/30 (70% to you) basis on items Checks are mailed every month for the previous months sold items for all amounts over $50 (final balances under $50 can be picked up in the store at any time).

What happens if my items don’t sell?

Most items will sell within the first 60 days, however, if an item does not sell at the end of the 90 day consignment period you may pick up your item within 3 days of your consignment end date or we can arrange a new consignment deal.


If you would like any unsold items back after their consignment period, please mark on your calendar 90 days from the date you consigned and pick them up within 3 days of that date.  Items that are not picked within the 3 day period after the initial 90 days (if a new consignment deal is not created) will either be sold or donated to a local charity.