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Handmade Furniture

Henry Tree Furniture.jpg

Each piece of  our artisan furniture has been hand selected by our arborists, all derived purely from local sources to both support the neighborhood economy and also to provide a product that cannot be offered anywhere else.  With our new showroom, located in downtown Batavia, Illinois, experiencing our products have never been easier!

Because we make each piece of furniture to order, modifying our existing designs is easy.

We work with customers every step of the way to ensure we build the piece to their exact specifications. No matter what type of furniture you’re looking for- we can build it! We specialize in handcrafted wood tables, but we also build a variety of different types of furniture including chairs, tables, media centers, and more.

  • Countertops

  • Tables

  • Kitchen Islands

  • Bar Tops

  • Coasters

  • Entertainment Furniture

  • Shelves

  • Racks

  • Flooring

  • Trim

  • Decorative Art

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